Venus Factor: A Comprehensive Breakdown and Analysis

venus dietVenus Factor takes an approach to weight loss that implements a new style of thinking and preparation to achieve results. The way that it differentiates itself from the rest of the market is through their attention on Leptin. Leptin is the hormone that, in laymen’s terms, tells the body that it’s hungry and that nutrition is required to move forward. It is also responsible for sending the signal to the brain that you’ve eaten enough food and thus feel ‘full’ after consuming your meal. If this sounds odd or unbelievable, read these other Venus Factor reviews which provide feedback from women currently using the Venus diet program.

However, individuals with Leptin Resistance, particularly women and overweight individuals, have no signal sent to their brain. Instead, the Leptin hormone tells the brain that it’s hungry, it eats a meal, but the feeling of fullness never occurs. The individual keeps eating and eating, thinking they’re hungry, and never feels satisfied. Obviously this type of eating pattern can get you in a lot of trouble and increase your overall body fat percentage in time.

Why Venus Factor is Good

This approach is good in the sense that it identifies medical issues that many dieters are experiencing throughout their journey. It allows you to tackle your weight loss goals at the most critical level, the internal components of the genes, and works up from there.

the-venus-factor-diet It systematically holds your hand through the weight loss experience and addresses the real issues and struggles you will face along the way. In conjunction with this, they give you a multifaceted approach to conquer your goals that other products don’t provide.

  • 12 Week Fat Burning Workout
  • Essential Fat Loss Guide
  • Nutritionists inside of an app
  • Exposure to a community of people trying to lose weight with you

Why Venus Factor is Bad

The one area that this program falters is in that of making individuals seem helpless. Losing weight and conquering your goals is a road traveled by people who want to be powerful and in control of their lives. Venus Factor approaches the scenario with a mentality of “it’s your genetics, you can’t do anything about it and you’re powerless unless you use these tactics.”

This style of thinking, although it may help many, may not be the approach for everyone. While some people need leaders to attain their goals, others want to be the leader.

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